Mimijumi (240ml) baby bottle


  • Designed with baby in mind, mimijumi eliminates bottle refusal by ensuring baby can latch and control the flow of milk.
  • Free of BPA, BPS and all chemicals found in traditional baby bottles that are known to activate estrogen.
  • Easy-to-prepare and easy-to-clean. No bottle brush necessary.
  • Includes an integrated venting system that reduces baby’s air intake to eliminate colic.
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Mimijumi bottles are designed to feed the baby similar to the way the breast does. The dome-shaped top makes the latching and drinking experience the closest to breastfeeding that a bottle can be. This makes the transition comfortable and natural between breast and bottle. Mimijumi’s bottles mimic mother’s breast and the way it moves to deliver milk. This minimizes confusion between the breast and bottle. The breast-like function soothes baby and allows parents and caregivers a more successful bottle-feeding and bonding experience. The skin-like tone and shape of the dome/top are natural to baby. The clear body is angled for comfort and has measurement markings’ showing how much liquid is inside.