Magic Roll

The magic roll is made of a special fabric on which black appears when drawn with water. It is possible to draw, write, experiment with different patterns on a roll with a brush or quickly sketch the design of an art project.
The roller is reusable, no need for many sheets of paper!
The black paint dries within 5-10 minutes, so you can start a new masterpiece.

The set includes:
1 magic roll
1 brush

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▪ Put water in a small cup and immerse the end of the brush.
▪ Paint, write, draw or sketch whatever the soul desires.
▪ The black color appears as soon as the water has touched the surface of the roller.
▪ When you have finished dyeing, make sure that the fabric is completely dry before turning the roll back.

Infants should only use this roller under the watchful eye of an adult, as the material of the roller will not tolerate wrinkling, scratching or harsh hands. The magic roll needs a caring and loving hand – it will last for years!
Only clean water and a brush with soft bristles and a round tip may be used on the roller! Sharp or blunt objects and short bristle brushes can permanently damage the roller surface. Care should also be taken to ensure that the roller is not completely soaked in water.

Additional information:
The dimensions of the magic roll: 150x43cm
Dimensions of the brush with synthetic bristles: 21 cm long, diameter 8 mm

Designed in Estonia